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I think prefacing any healthy food with the word “skinny” or “diet” is counter productive. “Skinny lattes,” “skinny muffins,” “skinny cupcakes…” I think it would work better if we called healthy foods just by their names and prefaced unhealthy foods with the word “fat.” Cos really who would want to go out and say they want the “fat fries,” “fat latte,” “fat brownies,” etc.

I just rejoined instagram, follow me @buffvalkyrie :)

I just rejoined instagram, follow me @buffvalkyrie :)

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Angelina Jolie had a double mastectomy, in case you hadn’t heard. How dare she remove those ticking time bombs from her chest, amiright? Like, hasn’t she learned by now that her body is public domain and we all get to vote on what she does with it? Sheesh, how selfish can ya get.

This is so fucking clever and brilliant.

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My neck and back pain has gotten ridiculous. Mostly my neck; turning my head very far to the right is incredibly painful. And I hear an irritating popping/crackling sound in my right ear any time my neck moves at all.

I think its simply out of alignment and since it had been injured so long (with me having a hard time holding my head straight), that it healed wrong and now prefers being out. I went to the chiropractor Saturday and felt great for 2 days, no pain at all, and now I’m just as bad as before. I can feel when its out, I get a bump on the side of my neck, but I can’t afford to go to the chiro twice a week…

And last time I went to a spine doctor he wanted to cut me open and drill on my vertebrae. No thank you, sir.

/end bitchfest.

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